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Apache Flink Hackathon by Berlin Buzzwords

data Artisans invites participants of Berlin Buzzwords who are interested in stream processing and Apache Flink to join the Apache Flink Hackathon. Flink's DataStream API is available in Java and Scala. You should be familiar with either of these languages.

Follow the free Flink training or team up with others to build a nice application with Flink's DataStream API and the data streams that are provided.

In case you have questions about Flink or get stuck at some point, you'll get support by experts. The hackathon is also a great opportunity to start contributing to Apache Flink.

Space is limited!

Find more information here

Photo: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Thomas Wegner


Hubraum Kitchen - Winterfeldtstraße, Berlin


Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
10 am to 5:30 pm (CEST)

Running buzzwords in production

plista invites all Buzzwords Conference participants (and all others) to join us for talks, beer and pizza in a relaxed atmosphere in our Berlin office.

Leif Blaese (Machine Learning Engineer @plista) will tell you more about "Large-scale machine learning with Spark and Mesos"
Sebastian Alfers (Core Developer @plista) will talk about "Reactive Streaming with Kafka and Akka"
Andrew Psaltis (Author of Streaming Data) talks about "Introduction to building DataFlows with Apache NiFi"
Leonardo D´Ambrosi (Teamlead Data Analytics @plista) will speak about "Bringing your data to life with Spark notebook"


18h00 doors open
18h30 "Large-scale machine learning with Spark and Mesos"
19h00 break
19h10 "Reactive Streaming with Kafka and Akka"
19h30 break + pizza
19h50 "Introduction to building DataFlows with Apache NiFi"
20h20 break
20h30 "Bringing your data to life with Spark notebook"
21h00 - open end



Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
Start: 6:00 pm

Search Technology Meetup VI

Join the sixth edition of the Search Technology Meetup Hamburg. Pizza, drinks and really great talks are waiting for you on June 8 right after the Berlin Buzzwords conference:

  • Britta Weber (Software Engineer) - BM25 demystified
  • Ramkumar Aiyengar (TeamLead Search Backend) - Building a real-time news search engine
  • André Charton & Christiana Lemke - Serving real time push-notifications for 5million saved searches

Find more information here.



Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
Start: 6:30 pm

Meetup at idealo - Experiences with state-of-the-art open source Big Data frameworks

idealo and Berlin Buzzwords are offering an evening on experiences with state-of-the-art open source Big Data frameworks.


7 pm – Doors open
7:15 pm – Introduction by idealo
7:30 pm – Presentation by Alexander Bezzubov "Guide to mining public datasets using opensource tools, at scale and on budget"[¹]
8:30 pm – Break
8:45 pm – Presentation by Andrew Psaltis "Apache Metron - a scalable streaming architecture for detecting anomalies at 20Gb/sec"[²]

[¹]There are plenty of public datasets out there available in Gb, Tb, Pb and the number is growing. To make sense out of all this data there are plenty of opensource tools available and with widespread adoption of the public cloud, crunching it becomes accesable not only to big companies but to hobbyists, independent practitioners and entrepreneurs. I will demonstrate how one can, using the same set of free and open tools (Apache Zeppelin (incubating), Apache Spark and Juju), start by prototyping actual data product on their laptop and then scale it to 1000s of machines.

[²]Apache Metron is a cyber security application framework that provides organizations the ability to ingest, process and store diverse security data feeds at scale in order to detect cyber anomalies and enable organizations to rapidly respond to them. It is the next evolution of SIEM systems that is powered by Hadoop, NiFi, Kafka, and Storm and streaming components. As a cybersecurity framework Metron is a fantastic example of a streaming architecture designed to handle processing data at 20Gb/sec. In this talk we will cover the major components of Metron, the architecture, and the problems it is designed to solve.


Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
7 pm - 10 pm

FutureTDM Knowledge Cafe - Exploring Barriers to EU Text and Data Mining

Content mining techniques lie at the heart of data-driven research and innovation. Yet, as identified by the European Commission, the practice is currently underused by EU researchers. We want to hear from the many different stakeholders working in the field to explore why this is.

FutureTDM is a European Commission funded project to identify current barriers to text and data mining (TDM) in Europe and produce solid European-wide recommendations that address and reduce these barriers on a legal, policy and organizational level. You can find out more about the project at www.futuretdm.eu.

After the last talk of Berlin Buzzwords 2016 the FutureTDM Knowledge cafe will take place in the "Maschinenhaus" of Kulturbrauerei. We want to hear from you what you experience as barriers related to Technical, Legal, Economic, Education and Skills.


Maschinenhaus at Kulturbrauerei
Schönhauser Allee 36,
10435 Berlin


Monday, June 6th, 2016
6pm - 8pm

Places are limited, for questions please contact office@futuretdm.com

Register here: