What is a barcamp?

Barcamps are informal sessions, a kind of "un-conference", with a schedule decided on the day. It's all driven by the interests and expertises of those who attend, so each one is different, but ours are always great!

While the schedule isn't worked out until the start of the event, the evening isn't without structure! They're dynamic events, focused on the overall Berlin Buzzwords event's topics, tackling the same challenges but in a different format. At the Barcamp, each session will run for 30 minutes, giving enough time to get into the meat of a topic, but without a chance for anyone to get bored... These are participatory sessions and more inclusive than regular conference sessions, with everyone taking part. You can help, perhaps by leading the session, perhaps by giving some insights, perhaps by asking some great questions, or perhaps just by your enthusiasm.

Come along again for great discussions and knowledge sharing with your fellow attendees, on all the hot topics from the conference, and all those we couldn't quite squeeze into the main days!

Sessions will be decide on the day, but are likely to focus on topics such as:

  • Beyond Hadoop v1: Mesos, Hadoop and Storm
  • Taking NoSQL into new areas
  • NoSQL in the real world - what to pick, how to cope when it breaks...
  • Logging, monitoring and managing at scale
  • Science in a grid-free Big Data World
  • ElasticSearch, SOLR and Lucene


Where: Frannz Club at Kulturbrauerei Berlin, at the corner Schönhauser Allee & Sredzkistraße
Registration: from 1 pm
Barcamp: 2 pm - 6.30 pm
Date: June 5, 2016
Who: Eligible are all attendees of Berlin Buzzwords 2016 with a valid conference ticket

If you would like to join the #bbuzz Barcamp on Sunday, June 5, at Frannz Club, you can bring your conference ticket, check-in and save time to enjoy the delicious breakfast.

How can you join the barcamp?

Get a ticket for Berlin Buzzwords 2016.

Photo: CC BY 2.0 by Gregor Fischer